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Die Region Stuttgart ist für ihre Wirtschaftskraft, technologische Spitzenforschung und hohe Lebensqualität bekannt.

Entering the German market:
the Start-up Welcome Package

The Start-up Welcome Package assists international start-ups in finding real customers and innovation partners in Germany in the Stuttgart Region. It is a fellowship provided by the Stuttgart Region & STEYG innovation hub.

What’s so special about the Stuttgart Region?

Start-ups go and grow where their customers are and where they feel welcome. The Stuttgart Region is one of the leading economic areas around the globe: Headquarters of global players such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Bosch are based in the region, benefitting from its the dense industrial network and first-class research infrastructure.

However, what characterises the Stuttgart Region best is the well-balanced and successfull mix of global brands, extremely innovative, medium-sized companies and traditional family-run businesses, leading to a deep cultural understanding of entrepreneurship and start-up culture.

Who is the package designed for?

The Start-up Welcome Package is a kick-starting programme for B2B and B2G start-ups that are located outside Germany and are eager to expand or tap into the German market or want to create and scale innovation with our local industry partners.

Your start-up should operate in one of the following areas:

  • Smart Industry & Logistics
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • GreenTech & Energy
  • Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Systems
  • Fintech & DLT
  • Smart Material & Design
  • Sustainable Building & Construction Engineering
  • Media & Communication
  • Technology Agriculture & Food Industry / Retail

How it works: the 4-week on-site programme

The fellowship provided by the Stuttgart Region & STEYG innovation hub covers flight, housing and coaching costs, enabling one person per start-up to get first-hand insights into the business opportunities in the Stuttgart Region.

The compact and guided four-week programme allows you to make the most of your time on-site:

Introductions to Corporates

Kickstart by meeting selected (corporate) partners
fitted to your business model.

Individual Mentorings

Have personalized and hands-on learning experiences
with mentors, who are sharing their expertise of the German market.

Expert Insights

Learn more about G2M, sales processes & processes, legal aspects and the German business landscape.

Community & Workplace

Work in a fully-equipped startup hub in the heart of Stuttgart – your business gateway to the region.

Cultural Experience

Experience the German and Swabian culture and learn about its values.

How to apply

The application for the Start-up Welcome Package is pretty simple: just follow the link below and answer a few brief questions about yourself, your business model and start-up.

Geschäftsmodelle der Zukunft werden in der Region Stuttgart entwickelt © Pexels

Application for the
Start-up Welcome Package

We accept ongoing applications throughout the year.

Apply now

Start-up Welcome Package partners

All of us want to bring more talent to the region. For many different reasons. But mostly because we love the Stuttgart Region and want to assist more companies in their growth here.

The Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS) is the central point of contact for investors and companies in the city of Stuttgart and the five surrounding districts. WRS makes the qualities of the business location known, supports companies in settling in the region and promotes the development of the site with numerous projects and offers.

STEYG is a start-up hub, a place for encounters of the entire innovation ecosystem. A nucleus of authentic start-up culture. For example, founders, students, businesses and investors meet here to learn with and from each other. Accelerator STEYG rounds off the offering support for founders – in particular founders with previous work experience.

Baden-Württemberg international works towards securing and enhancing Baden- Württemberg’s position as a location for business and science in the long term. We do this by attracting businesses to the region as well as through collaboration and talent recruitment.

Questions about the programme or application?
Get in touch with us!

Emma Pütter

Contact person for the program


Dr. Andreas Chatzis

The Stuttgart Region Economics Development Corporation