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The Stuttgart region is known for its economic power, cutting-edge technological research and high quality of life.

Stuttgart region

The Stuttgart region is the geographical, economic and political core region of the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is known for its economic power, as the cradle of the automobile, home to numerous global players and innovative medium-sized companies. But it also has a lot to offer in terms of landscape: along the Neckar, industrial centers alternate with landscapes characterized by forests, meadows and vineyards. In order to maintain the high quality of life in the Stuttgart region, its stakeholders work hand in hand.

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Business location

The Stuttgart region is one of the strongest economic centers in Europe, a high-tech location and has a first-class research infrastructure. Large international corporations contribute to the quality of the location, as do the numerous small and medium-sized companies, many of which are global leaders in their field.

Current news from the Stuttgart region

Inventive Stuttgart region
Inventive Stuttgart region

Two companies in the Stuttgart region registered the most patents in Germany in 2023. A particularly large number of inventions come from automobile companies

Handled well
Handled well

The Robert Bosch Hospital in the Stuttgart region is one of the best hospitals in the world. In an international comparison...

Strong robots learn soft gripping
Strong robots learn soft gripping

The company Weiss Robotics from Ludwigsburg produces sensitive grippers for powerful industrial robots. The grippers are electrically controlled and can...

In gin heaven
In gin heaven

One of the best gins in the world comes from the Stuttgart region. The gin brand Ginstr has now won the gold medal at...

Insights into the interior design of the Stuttgart City Library © Unsplash

Science location

With numerous universities and research institutes, the Stuttgart region has an excellent research landscape that cooperates closely with local industry. The region's companies are also working on technologies of the future: nowhere else in Baden-Württemberg is so much invested in research and development as here.

179 municipalities,
five districts and a state capital.
The Stuttgart region in portrait.

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Politics and organization

What is the Stuttgart region? How is it organized? What tasks does the Stuttgart Region Association have? Here are the answers.

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Whether road, rail, air or water:
The Stuttgart region is well connected in Europe.

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The town of Sindelfingen in the Böblingen district has a small but well worth seeing half-timbered core. © Image: Adobe Stock

Feel-good location

When it comes to quality of life, the Stuttgart region regularly occupies a top spot in international surveys. A lively club culture, the active art and music scene and idyllic landscapes right on the doorstep make the region an exceptionally attractive place to live. New arrivals, whether from Germany or around the world, are welcomed here with open arms and supported when they arrive.

View of the Swabian Alb in the Esslingen district © Simon Hoppinger

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