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Top of the class in Europe in culture and creativity

Stuttgart gets first place for “Creative industries”


11.07.2017 | 

Stuttgart and Karlsruhe are amongst the leading cities in the European Union when it comes to creativity and culture. That is the result of a comparative survey presented by the EU Commission.

The comparison of 34 “XL” cities with between 500,000 and one million inhabitants showed that Stuttgart ranked first for “Creative industries”, chiefly thanks to its many copyright registrations. According to the survey, software and games development as well as publishers and advertising agencies dominate the creative sector. The city’s cultural vibrancy and the State Opera are also highlighted.

Amongst the 36 “L” cities with fewer than half a million inhabitants, Karlsruhe is in second place. Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Heidelberg are all amongst the top 10 for “Creative industries” in their respective size categories.

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Source: Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS)/Translation: Tara Russell