Success Stories from the Stuttgart Region

Invisible yet essential

Telemotive AG from Mühlhausen im Täle is one of the best-known automotive suppliers for entertainment, information technology and driver assistance systems

Product development and products of Telemotive AG (photos: Telemotive)

22.02.2016 | 

Telemotive in Mühlhausen im Täle is all about electronic connectivity – both within a vehicle and between a car and its surroundings. The company is an essential partner to high-profile car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen and to major suppliers.

Anyone who buys a premium-class vehicle can be sure that it’s on the cutting edge of vehicle and communication technology. This means that driver assistance, information technology and entertainment systems work together seamlessly. To ensure that the display communicates with the radio, CD and MP3 player, mobile phone and sat nav without disruption and the driver is not distracted by frantically searching around and pushing buttons, many important considerations must be made in advance and implemented in the engineering.

The engineers at Telemotive AG have been working on perfecting this electronic connectivity for the past 15 years. They do this so well and so successfully that nowadays there is scarcely any car that leaves a customer’s production line without containing ideas and solutions from Telemotive.

When asked exactly which car components come from Telemotive, Peter Kersten, CEO and founder, responds: “Everything you can’t see!” The company, he says, works behind the scenes. “There are lots of engineering service providers for the automotive industry, but we are the only one that works with such a strong focus on the innovative topics of infotainment and entertainment”, explains Kersten. “Driverless cars is another topic that has been part of our day-to-day work for a long time now.” In addition to the core competencies in engineering, the company’s range of services also includes solutions for systems integration as well as project management and tech advisory. Others include hardware and software development, tests and documentation.

Source: Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS) / Sonja Madeja/ Translation: Tara Russell