Success Stories from the Stuttgart Region

International, young and well paid

Stuttgart has the highest density of academics in Germany, and it is where the highest salary satisfaction levels prevail. In addition, the state capital is becoming more international and younger. These are the findings of three studies published in recent days.


30.01.2017 | 

The employer rating portal Kununu examined which German city has the highest level of salary satisfaction amongst employees. The review is based on more than 120,000 anonymous employer ratings over the past two years. Employees can also use the portal to provide their level of salary satisfaction and whether the salary corresponds to the responsibility. The ratings for Stuttgart-based employees in this category top those from all other Germany cities, with Bonn and Karlsruhe following in second and third place respectively.

Stuttgart also has the highest density of academics in Germany – at least based on Xing members. According to a current analysis of the online network, almost half of Xing members in Stuttgart have an academic qualification. The silver medal went to Munich, while Münster was awarded third place.

Data from the state capital’s Statistical Office also show that Stuttgart has become even more international in recent years. According to an article in the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper, the percentage of people coming from migrant backgrounds has risen from just over 40 percent in 2010 to 44 percent today. The city has become younger at the same time, with the average age of Stuttgart’s population falling from 42.1 to 41.8 over the same period.

Source: Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS)/Tobias Schiller/ Translation: Tara Russell