High-Tech Economy meets International Corporations

The Stuttgart Region is one of the leading economic areas in Europe (Photo credit: Daimler AG)

The Stuttgart Region is one of the leading economic areas of the world. The world or German headquarters of global players such as Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, IBM or Hewlett-Packard are based in the region. However, what characterizes the Stuttgart Region best is the well-balanced mix of global brands and extremely innovative, medium-sized companies. Both are highly export-oriented: in fact, the region's manufacturing companies generate more than half of their sales abroad.

Stuttgart Region: Key Economic Data

The Stuttgart Region is home to a large number of general and electrical engineering companies. Many of them are world leaders in their specialized market segments. Moreover, the region has strong publishing and media industries - both with a long tradition and a bright outlook for the future.

The region develops its strengths and potential systematically, as can be seen from the example of the aerospace industry. It stands at the top of the European league table regarding emerging industries such as clean energy, fuel cell, and nanotechnology. Many innovative companies from these fields have set up operations in the Stuttgart Region in recent years.

Networks & Clusters

Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS) cooperates closely with universities, research establishments, and companies to promote regional economic development. Activities focus on those industrial sectors in which the region has established particular strengths.

Automotive Industry

The Stuttgart Region has a unique cluster of automotive manufacturers (Photo credit: Bosch)

The Stuttgart Region has a unique cluster of automotive manufacturers, component suppliers, engineering service providers, and research facilities.

With its pioneering work in the fields of fuel cell technology, electro mobility, IT for cars, and virtual reality, the region consistently sets standards within the scientific community. Consequently, the Federal Ministry of Transport has granted the Stuttgart Region the status "Model Region for Electro Mobility".


Machine tools, robots or laser technology: the Stuttgart Region is a leading center of mechanical and electrical engineering. Whether world market leader or hidden champion - what characterizes the region's engineering industry is the development and production of a wide spectrum of innovative and highly specialized solutions fully meeting individual customer demands.

Creative Industries

Creative product from the Stuttgart Region: CERN's permanent exhibition "Universe of Particles" in Geneva (photo by Atelier Brückner, Michael Jungblut)

The Stuttgart Region is also a stronghold of the creative industries: about 400 publishing houses, several trendsetting advertising, marketing and communication agencies as well as numerous design and architectural firms are based in the region but work on projects all around the globe. In sum, there are almost 9,000 companies working in the creative industries.

A speciality is the field of spatial communication with several renowned agencies designing museum and company exhibitions, trade fair booths, and interaction concepts for brands all over the world. And last but not least, the Stuttgart Region is also a hot spot of the German and European film industry with an emphasis on special effects, animations and animated film.

Information and Communication Technology

Regarding the ICT sector, open source, virtual dimension, and software development are but a few examples of those fields in which the region's companies are especially involved. Many excel in the development of software for the manufacturing and automotive industries - helping these sectors to flourish even further.

Clean Energy

To be prepared for future challenges, the Stuttgart Region also focuses on promising growth markets such as renewable energy and efficiency technology. With an existing clean energy cluster that already numbers nearly 300 companies - ranging from small start-ups to global players - the region is pursuing the ambitious goal to become one of Europe's most important locations for clean energy technologies.

Further Information

The Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation is the central contact for investors and companies in the City of Stuttgart and the five neighbouring counties. It raises awareness of the qualities that the business region has to offer, supports companies setting up here and promotes the development of the region with numerous projects and offerings.

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