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Welcome to the
Stuttgart Region

2.8 million people from roughly 180 countries have made their home in the 179 municipalities of the Stuttgart Region. Each of them is a huge enrichment for the economy, for research and for culture in the entire region.

Help starting out for international skilled staff and for new ideas

The Stuttgart Region Welcome Service helps new arrivals to adjust as smoothly as possible to life in an unfamiliar city and a new job. The Stuttgart Welcome Centre in the heart of the state capital is the first point of contact and central place for advice in the Stuttgart Region. It offers assistance to all new residents from elsewhere in Germany and from abroad who wish to live and work in the Stuttgart Region, helping to ease the transition and integration process. It offers advice in areas such as learning German, looking for work, getting foreign educational and professional qualifications recognised, residency, training, studying and living in the Stuttgart Region.

The Stuttgart Region is one of Europe’s most powerful economic locations and a leading location for high tech. It also has a first-class research and education infrastructure. Its special strengths lie in the fields of automobile construction and mechanical engineering, in the creative sector and in IT with a focus on industry-related services as well as in the areas of environmental technologies and aerospace. It’s a blend of high tech, innovation and excellently trained specialist staff that make the roughly 160,000 companies in the region so strong. The Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS) acts as a competent partner to investors and start-ups that want to operate in the Stuttgart Region, helping them to relocate to the region and to build a network.

Start-up Welcome Package

Start-ups go and grow where their customers are and where they feel welcome. The Stuttgart Region is one of the leading economic areas around the globe: Headquarters of global players such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Bosch are based in the region, benefitting from its the dense industrial network and first-class research infrastructure. The Start-up Welcome Package assists international start-ups in finding real customers and innovation partners in Germany in the Stuttgart Region. It is a fellowship provided by the Stuttgart Region & STEYG innovation hub.

More Information

Stuttgart Region
Welcome Service

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The Stuttgart Region Welcome Service provides assistance to international skilled staff arriving in the region and is a point of contact for all queries about living and working in the Stuttgart Region.


Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation

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The Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS) is the central point of contact for companies, municipalities, start-ups, investors, skilled staff and journalists for all questions surrounding business in the Stuttgart Region


Open for business to students and tourists alike

In Germany and abroad, people associate the Stuttgart Region with innovative strength, a spirit of invention and creativity. The universities and research institutions here contribute significantly to this image, characterised as they are by their excellent teaching and research. 22 universities and other institutes of higher education, run either by the state, the private sector or the church, offer students an opportunity for applied study and research within a strong network. Most of the institutions are affiliated to Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsregion Stuttgart e.V. That organisation provides a comprehensive overview of the entire range of courses on offer as well as the research profiles of the member universities for all those interested in studying in the region.

Of course, you don’t always have to live here full time in order to appreciate the benefits that the region has to offer. Sometimes a holiday or a brief trip to the region is enough to experience its very special feel. The Stuttgart Region is always ready to welcome guests from Germany and further afield. Region Stuttgart Marketing- und Tourismus GmbH provides an overview of what to see, where to go and which events to attend in the region.

Hochschul- und
Wissenschaftsregion Stuttgart

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The website of Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsregion Stuttgart e.V. gives an extensive overview of the courses on offer in the region.


Stuttgart Tourist – Information for your trip

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This is where you can find everything you need to know to travel in Stuttgart and throughout the region. Discover your experience in the Stuttgart Region, with competitively priced hotels, city tours and tickets.