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The political level
the Stuttgart region

The Stuttgart Region Association was founded in 1994 by a law from the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is the political level of the Stuttgart region in the form of a corporation under public law. Every five years, citizens elect the regional assembly. This regional “parliament” is unique in Baden-Württemberg and serves as a model for regional management.

S-Bahn in the Stuttgart region © Stuttgart Region Association – Dominik Schleuter

Legal duties

The Stuttgart Region Association works to keep the Stuttgart region livable, economically productive and ecologically intact. Important topics such as regional planning, areas of local transport, regional transport planning, landscape planning, economic and tourism promotion and parts of waste management are among the mandatory tasks assigned by law. The region can voluntarily get involved in sports and culture, among other things. The Stuttgart Region Association actively participates in German and European networks, in competitions and projects on key future topics.

A duo at the top

The Stuttgart Region Association is headed by the honorary chairman and the full-time regional director.

The regional director is elected as a temporary civil servant by the members of the regional assembly for a term of eight years. He represents the Stuttgart Region Association, heads the association administration and implements the decisions of the regional assembly.

The honorary association chairman is chairman of the regional assembly, from among which he and two deputies are elected. He prepares and chairs the meetings of the regional assembly and its committees.

Further information

Further information can be found on the Stuttgart Region Association website at