The region in Europe –
Europe in the region

The Stuttgart region is one of the economically strongest and most innovative regions in Europe. Its diverse international economic relationships, export strength, leading role in research and development and international population make it a European region par excellence. It faces the European challenges and seizes the opportunities that Europe offers: The region initiates and implements EU projects, organizes events, and helps shape European politics - including through an office in Brussels and participation in European networks.

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Commitment in Europe

Bringing the Stuttgart region to Europe and bringing Europe to the Stuttgart region: we are committed to this goal the regional association Stuttgart and the Economic Development Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS) as well as the European office that the region maintains in Brussels, in a variety of ways. For example, you initiate EU funding projects, inform delegations about the Stuttgart region and its European work and represent the region's interests in the EU.

At the same time, the focus is also directed inwards: events in the region for municipalities, research institutions or companies provide information about current developments and the European funding landscape.

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Brussels European Office

The Stuttgart region was the first German region to open its own European office in Brussels in 2002. The office's employees are in constant contact with EU policy makers. The European Office also continuously provides stakeholders in the region with information and keeps them up to date on important developments in Brussels.

The collaboration with the Baden-Württemberg state representation, the European office of the Baden-Württemberg municipalities and many regional offices in Brussels increases the effectiveness.

Strong through collaborations

In many districts, cities and municipalities in the Stuttgart region, the European spirit is lived and fulfilled locally with European representatives, EU projects, networking and citizen meetings. In the network of EU representatives from municipalities and districts, they exchange their experiences.

Companies, many research institutions, universities, savings banks as well as the advisory and funding institutions of the state and the European Union also contribute to the dense network of European activities in the Stuttgart region.

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Further information

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