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179 municipalities,
a strong location

Right in the middle – the Stuttgart region is in the center
the German southwest. In addition to the state capital, the region includes the five surrounding districts of Böblingen,
Esslingen, Göppingen, Ludwigsburg and the Rems-Murr district. Around 179 million people from around 2,8 countries live in the 180 cities and municipalities. Together they form one of the strongest economic centers in Europe.


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The highly developed industrial conurbation is for its economic power, his technological leadership and excellent universities as well as its high level Quality of life known. The Stuttgart Region Association with its regional parliament deals with questions of regional organization and ensures quick decisions and their effective implementation.

Logo of the Stuttgart Region Association

The Stuttgart Region Association

The Stuttgart Region Association is the political level of the Stuttgart region. He is dedicated to future tasks in the areas of transport, regional planning and economic development and supports the forward-looking and sustainable development of the region.

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2,8 million inhabitants

180 nations

1,6 million employed people

42 million liters of wine production

1.951 hours of sunshine

Four times Cultural Capital

Combine forces.
Connect the region.

To keep the closely interconnected Stuttgart region successful and at the same time livable and ecologically intact: To achieve these goals, the municipalities in the region, together with the Stuttgart Region Association and other institutions, are pulling together. In contrast to other metropolises in Germany, the Stuttgart region is not dominated by the central city. Instead, there are numerous other cities in the surrounding districts that have supra-local importance as medium-sized centers. Together they form a metropolitan region that is closely interconnected through economic relationships, commuter movements and settlement structures.

International metropolises can be quickly reached via Stuttgart Airport. Transport is also well organized within the region: To ensure well-functioning local public transport, public stakeholders and private transport companies have come together under the umbrella of the Stuttgart Tariff and Transport Association (VVS).

179 municipalities, 5 districts,
a state capital.
A portrait of the region's municipalities.

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Politics and organization

What is the Stuttgart region? How is it organized? What tasks does the Stuttgart Region Association have? Here are the answers.

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Whether road, rail, air or water:
The Stuttgart region is well connected in Europe.

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The region in Europe –
Europe in the region

Its diverse international economic relationships, export strength, leading role in research and development and its international population make the Stuttgart region a European region par excellence.

Regional organizations

A whole series regional organizations work hand in hand to further strengthen the Stuttgart region as a location.
Find out about the partners' tasks and services here.