Lively high-tech startup scene

A lively start-up scene has been established in the high-tech region of Stuttgart with its multitude of outstanding educational and research institutions, particularly in knowledge-intensive industries. Founders and young companies find here an ideal breeding ground for future success. High-tech companies in particular are in good hands in the region: start-ups, for example, benefit from the successful and well-functioning industry networks, especially in... vehicle construction, in the Engineering, in Creative industries as well as in the Information and communicationtechnology. But also in other knowledge-intensive sectors - for example in biotechnology, environmental engineering and in the Financial sector – young companies from the Stuttgart region have gained a foothold in recent years.


Comprehensive support for founders

In addition to being integrated into a successful environment and functioning industry networks, founders and young companies in the Stuttgart region will find a variety of concrete and tailor-made support offers. Various institutions, companies and public facilities offer assistance, information and advice.

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The web portal offers a consolidated overview of the relevant offers for starting a business in the Stuttgart region. Start-ups and young companies can find information on consulting options, funding programs and sources of financing, an overview of events as well as further training and networking offers. Interviews, portraits and success stories also provide insights into the regional start-up community.

The Business Angels Region Stuttgart (BARS) are private investors with entrepreneurial experience who personally support young companies with their industry, management and leadership experience as well as their contacts.

The M.Tech Accelerator supports young start-ups with a focus on mobility, manufacturing and engineering to turn their ideas into marketable products as quickly as possible. The is a decentralized innovation platform for Baden-Württemberg Founder engine. Here, start-up teams from the university environment are given the opportunity to further develop their business ideas into scalable and investment-ready start-ups within four months. 

Further information

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