Stuttgart region financial center

The Stuttgart region is not only an industrial location, but also plays an important role in the financial sector:
It is the headquarters of large banks, numerous insurance companies and one of the most important stock exchanges in Europe.

The Börse Stuttgart It's hard to imagine the world of finance in the state capital without it. After Frankfurt, it is the leading trading center in Germany and, with an annual trading volume of around 90 billion euros, ranks tenth in all asset classes in a European comparison. The largest European trading in securitized derivatives takes place on its own trading platform Euwax. A large market on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange is trading in corporate bonds. It was created specifically to provide medium-sized companies from the region with another option for debt financing.

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, the largest German state bank, is based in the Stuttgart region. It is one of the largest German credit institutions and is heavily involved in urban and regional development. In addition, over 100 other banking institutions are based in the state capital Stuttgart, making it the third largest financial center in Germany. With the INVEST Every year, Messe Stuttgart hosts the largest event in the German-speaking region on the subject of finance.

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Insurance location

In addition to the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and the large banks in Stuttgart, the insurance industry is an important part of the financial sector in the Stuttgart region: 29 insurance companies with 11.250 employees are based in Stuttgart alone, making the state capital one of the largest insurance locations in Germany. Allianz Lebensversicherungs‐AG, Allianz's second largest location, is located in Stuttgart‐West. Thanks to the combination of the stock exchange, banks and insurance companies, the financial sector in the Stuttgart region is particularly broad and diverse.

Support and funding offers

To promote Stuttgart as a location for financial services, the Association of Baden-Württemberg Securities Exchange e. V. 2007 together with the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Banking Industry Foundation of the University of Hohenheim Stuttgart Financial brought to life. The aim of the central platform is to strengthen the Stuttgart financial center. In addition, Stuttgart Financial is committed to supporting young talent in the Stuttgart financial center and offers (further) educational measures and industry events for all financial center players and interested parties. Under the initiative fintogether All information about the FinTech ecosystem in Baden-Württemberg is listed. The initiative also includes its own FinTech Accelerator, where early-stage FinTechs can apply in the area of ​​SMART Finance.

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