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High-tech region in Europe

The region is one of the most important and successful economic locations in Europe. The highly developed industrial conurbation is known for its economic power, its technological leadership and its high quality of life. This is not only thanks to the global corporations such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch, and IBM, which have their global or German headquarters here. The region is characterized by a mix of global players and hidden champions, quality-conscious medium-sized industrial companies and innovative start-ups.

The economy in the Stuttgart region is also characterized by its export strength: the regional industry earns more than every second euro abroad. The Stuttgart region is Europe's leading high-tech location and has a first-class Research infrastructure. Companies in the region are investing around Eight percent of GDP goes to research and development and employs three percent of all employed people in this area. Networking is very important in the region: the regional ones Competence and innovation centers bring together know-how carriers from business and science to form regional networks.

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Strong industries

The numerous regional mechanical engineering companies and automotive suppliers work at a world level. Many of them are even world market leaders. The creative industries are another important regional economic factor. The IT industry in the region, which is also very strong, focuses on virtual reality, open source and software development. The Stuttgart Stock Exchange and over 100 local banking institutions make the region an important location for the financial industry. Aerospace also has a far-reaching tradition and a promising future in the region. Speaking of the future: many players from the future sectors of biotechnology and medical technology as well as energy and the environment are already working on the questions of tomorrow in the Stuttgart region.

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A home for brilliant ideas

Skilled workers find excellent conditions in the Stuttgart region: there are well-known large companies in the region as well as hidden champions and innovative small and medium-sized companies. Founders, company investors find an optimal industry environment, functioning networks and support offers to implement and further develop their business ideas.

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Founders in the Stuttgart region

With its multitude of outstanding educational and research institutions, a lively start-up scene has been established in the Stuttgart region.
Young companies find here an ideal breeding ground for future success.

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Settling and investing in the Stuttgart region

The Stuttgart region is one of the most important technology locations in Europe. This is where the best opportunities for brilliant business ideas arise. The Economic Development Region Stuttgart GmbH supports companies in finding a location and settling.

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Working in the Stuttgart region

Global corporations, hidden champions and innovative medium-sized companies: the region's companies find qualified workers attractive
Jobs and development opportunities available.

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Well connected and full of possibilities

The Stuttgart region is located in the economically strong triangle of Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and has an excellently developed The Stuttgart region is located in the economically strong triangle of Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and has an excellently developed Infrastructure. Around 100 million people live within a 12 kilometer radius. You can reach over 100 destinations from Stuttgart Airport. Stuttgart is also located on one of the most important European railway routes, the “Mainline for Europe”. More than 349 million passengers use the close-knit local transport offering of the Stuttgart Transport and Tariff Association (VVS) every year.

In national and international surveys on Quality of life The Stuttgart region regularly occupies a top spot. Vineyards extending into the cities, orchards, medieval castles and baroque palaces, picturesque hilly landscapes and the Neckar valley characterize the centuries-old cultural landscape of the region, whose leisure activities have something to suit every taste.

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Success stories from the Stuttgart region

Start-ups, hidden champions, family businesses and global market leaders – they are all at home in the Stuttgart region. Their innovative spirit and entrepreneurship have shaped the region for decades and make them attractive employers for skilled workers from all over the world. Here we look behind the scenes of these success stories.

Custom-made machines

The company Müko Maschinenbau GmbH from Weinstadt produces unique automation systems. They are individually tailored to the needs of the customers.

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Hollywood for photographers

Silbersalz from Stuttgart is the only company in the world that offers analog film material from the feature film industry for photography.

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There's something in the air

The extraction systems from Keller Lufttechnik from Kirchheim unter Teck protect the environment and free factory buildings from fine dust and aerosols.

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Regional organizations

A whole range of organizations work hand in hand to further strengthen the Stuttgart region as a business location.
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