Böblingen district

The Böblingen district is located southwest of Stuttgart. Thanks to several global companies, as well as small and medium-sized companies based in the district, its economy is characterized by a high level of innovation and export orientation. The manufacturing industry, particularly the automotive industry, plays an important role.

The Böblingen district is primarily known as a business location. Innovative industries, particularly the automotive and IT sectors, shape its strongly export-oriented economy. Global companies such as Mercedes-Benz and IBM are at home here, and the well-known Swabian hard work and inventive spirit as well as the openness to new things have made many successes possible. The economic structure is characterized by the breadth of a high-quality product range and the balanced mix of small, medium-sized and large companies in whose surroundings suppliers and engineering service providers have settled. Whether in the area of ​​research and development, production or services: In the Böblingen district you can find well-trained specialists who already make up 34,8% of the district's workforce and who also influence the region through automobiles or information and technology have made communication technology known on the world markets.

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• Population: 392.898
• Area: 617,77 km²
• Population density: 636 inhabitants/km²
• Cities and towns: 26
• Innovation Index 2020: 74,2
• GDP/inhabitant: €109.283
• 10 founder pilots

To ensure that the district remains economically strong in the future, the economic development agency, in cooperation with its various partners, has launched the future strategy for an economically strong district. One focus is on start-up activities. “Startup BB” brings together various contact points for new business founders under one roof. With the founder pilots you can arrange appointments for consultation hours in selected communities. Regular events in the district, such as the state competition StartupBW Regional Cup, contribute to networking. Because of these and other efforts to make the district attractive for female founders, the district received the award as a “start-up-friendly municipality” in 2020/2021.

Since then, the promotion of pioneering high-tech startups has been a particular focus in the Böblingen district:
With AI xpress, an attractive space was created in the former Eisenmann area in which start-ups in the field of AI can find a home. With the ZD.BB, the Digitalization Center of the Stuttgart region is located in Böblingen and helps small and medium-sized companies with digitalization. Together with the Softwarezentrum Böblingen/Sindelfingen e. V. as an IT technology center and the Herman Hollerith Center as the location of Reutlingen University with an IT focus, these facilities testify to the relevance of IT in the district.

High-tech industry and natural beauties such as the Glemswald, the Schönbuch and the Gäu landscapes, urban diversity in the cities and rural communities convey a diverse and lively image of the Böblingen district. Its location is attractive as part of the Stuttgart region, close to the holiday landscape of the Black Forest. The 618 km² district includes 26 cities and municipalities, including the large district towns of Böblingen, Herrenberg, Leonberg and Sindelfingen, which have made a name for themselves as venues for international congresses, trade fairs and major sporting, cultural and social events, among other things. Due to its proximity to Autobahn 81, Stuttgart Airport and a well-developed rail network, the district is well connected to the infrastructure and easily accessible.

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Further information

Further information about the Böblingen district can be found on the district office website www.lrabb.de