Sport & exercise

Sport is fun – individually, as a communal experience in a sports club or while cheering together for your favorite club. If you want to do sports yourself, the Stuttgart region is a true Eldorado. Hiking and cycling trails of all levels of difficulty run through the region and treat the eye to many beautiful views of forests and vineyards, river valleys and idyllic landscapes.

Exercise puts you in a good mood

Climbing enthusiasts are drawn to the Kesselwand or the Yellow Rock on the eaves of the Swabian Alb. Numerous climbing and high ropes courses in the region are recommended for practicing, such as the DAV climbing center in Stuttgart or the high ropes course in Fellbach. If you prefer to feel safe ground under your feet, go jogging in the countryside or test your fitness at the Albtrauf marathon and one of the numerous city runs. Cyclists also get their money's worth in the Stuttgart region: from gentle hills to steep climbs, you can find everything your calf muscles desire, official downhill routes and flow trails promise variety in your riding technique.

©DAV Schwaben – @Kesselradler / Photo: Tobias Kraut Mountain biker lies on a forest sofa, bike leaning against a tree next to it

Several golf courses invite you to relax and play on green lawns, whether within sight of the baroque Monrepos castle near Ludwigsburg or with a panoramic view of the Alb, such as at the Kirchheim-Wendlingen golf course or at Hofgut Hammetweil in Neckartenzlingen. Anyone who prefers water in liquid or frozen form for exercise is spoiled for choice. There are plenty of pools, whether indoors or outdoors, from the mineral pools in Stuttgart to fun pools like the Fildorado or the F3 in Fellbach. Numerous rowing and sailing clubs as well as canoe clubs offer fun on the water. And in winter, ice rinks and snow-covered slopes entice you - there are even black slopes in the Swabian Alb and the Swabian Forest enchants with a huge network of cross-country ski trails.

©Pexels VFB football stadium

Experience top-class sport

But what would sport be without football? Fans have been making a pilgrimage to the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart for generations. The home stadium of VfB Stuttgart, together with the neighboring Porsche Arena, forms the hub of the sports region. 60.000 football fans can cheer here. The games of the handball players from Frisch Auf Göppingen, the basketball players of the Ludwigsburger Neckar-Riesen or the tournaments of the dance formation of the 1st TC Ludwigsburg also promise first-class sports experiences. Top-class events such as the international equestrian tournament in the Schleyer Hall, the ADAC Supercross or the MercedesCup at Weissenhof delight spectators, as do the countless small but fine sporting events in the region.

Further information

The website offers a good overview of sporting life in the Stuttgart region and a calendar of important sporting events SportRegion Stuttgart.