© Adobe Stock The town of Sindelfingen in the Böblingen district has a small but well worth seeing half-timbered core.

Enjoy life

Why is life so good in the Stuttgart region? Not just because the sun shines here an average of 1.951 hours a year. Whether it's a hip-hop festival or an award-winning opera house, club culture or a broom bar - the Stuttgart region offers everything that makes life worth living.

This colorful diversity also benefits people from around 180 countries around the world who have found a home here. The offers international specialists from all over the world Welcome Service Region Stuttgart Assistance when you arrive and is available as a contact person for all questions about living and working in the Stuttgart region.

The Stuttgart region is also a gourmet paradise under the starry sky and Stuttgart, picturesquely nestled between forests and vines, is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Just a short S-Bahn ride from the state capital, nature lovers will find the impressive mountain landscapes of the Swabian Alb biosphere area, vineyards and idyllic swimming lakes.

Would you like even more variety? Black Forest and Lake Constance, Alsace or
The Alps can be reached quickly and easily from here.

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International Animated Film Festival Stuttgart

Each of the 179 municipalities in the Stuttgart region
has its own identity. Where would you most like to live?

Discover 179 municipalities now
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In the 179 municipalities there are 2,8 million people from around
180 nations found a home.
They are all a great asset to business and research
and culture throughout the region.

Art & Culture

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Those interested in art and culture will hardly be bored, the range of museums alone is so large. The theater and music offerings are at least as impressive, from opera, ballet and drama to electro and hip-hop.

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Sport & exercise

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Whether cheering together for your favorite club or jogging through forests and meadows:
The diverse sports options in the Stuttgart region not only keep you fit, but also lift your spirits.

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Enjoyable landscape

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The Stuttgart region is embedded in magnificent landscapes that tempt you to enjoy:
Vineyards extend into the city centers and at the foot of the Swabian Alb lies one of the largest orchard landscapes in Europe.

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District Office Böblingen Tower © LRA Böblingen Andreas Sporn

landscape park

The Stuttgart region is characterized by diverse landscapes such as orchards on the Albtrauf, vineyards in the river valleys of the Neckar and Rems, farmland on the Filder plain or extensive forests in the Schönbuch and Swabian-Franconian Forest. Not only protect the landscape, but also actively enhance and shape it: this is the basic idea of Landscape parks in the Stuttgart region.

Leisure tips and excursion destinations

Would you like even more variety? Here you will find lots of leisure tips - from the all-time classics to real insider tips among the excursion ideas. With the interactive map you can easily find exciting excursion destinations near you.

Romantic mausoleum

The burial chapel on the Württemberg beckons with a love story and a panoramic view of the Stuttgart region

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Flour, oil and sawdust

The mill hiking trail near Alfdorf in the Rems-Murr district offers two different tours over a total of 37 kilometers, past local mills.

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© City of Welzheim

Exciting nature experiences at lofty heights

The Hessigheim rock gardens are a true paradise for climbers, but also invite you to hike and enjoy. The small rock labyrinth made of shell limestone lies in the middle of an impressive vineyard landscape and offers a wonderful view of the Neckar and medieval Besigheim.

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Regional organizations

A whole range of regional organizations work hand in hand to further strengthen the Stuttgart region as a location.
Find out about the partners' tasks and services here.