Here you can read what moves the Stuttgart region. Find out news from business, science and society in the districts of Böblingen, Esslingen, Göppingen, Ludwigsburg, Rems-Murr and the city of Stuttgart. In our regional success stories, we look behind the scenes of hidden champions, global market leaders, start-ups and family businesses from the Stuttgart region.

From shared flat to web agency 3

From shared flat to web agency

d-mind GmbH from Stuttgart has been creating websites for companies for 25 years. The internet agency stays in tune with the times with a mix of young and old – and now works shorter hours but with more motivation.


Inventive Stuttgart region

Two companies in the Stuttgart region registered the most patents in Germany in 2023. A particularly large number of inventions come from automobile companies

Handled well 2

Handled well

The Robert Bosch Hospital in the Stuttgart region is one of the best hospitals in the world. In an international comparison, the RBK now ranks 198th

Strong robots learn soft gripping 3

Strong robots learn soft gripping

The company Weiss Robotics from Ludwigsburg produces sensitive grippers for powerful industrial robots. The grippers are electrically controlled and can therefore move particularly fragile objects. This is unique in the industry.


In gin heaven

One of the best gins in the world comes from the Stuttgart region. The gin brand Ginstr has now been awarded the gold medal at the World Spirits Award 2024.


The world is a guest in the Stuttgart region

Significantly more people stayed overnight in the Stuttgart region than in the previous year. A particularly large number of visitors come from the USA

Strong fibers for easy hiking 4

Strong fibers for easy hiking

The Leki company from Kirchheim has developed the world's first hiking stick made from hemp. The plant is grown in the immediate vicinity

Dive into a new world 4

Dive into a new world

Imsys GmbH & Co. KG from Leonberg brings companies into a virtual world. From large cars to machines in ongoing production, many things can now be represented digitally

Foreign animals inspire local audiences 2

Foreign animals inspire local audiences

The Wilhelma in Stuttgart set a new visitor record in 2023. Rare animals from Australia and a varied program fascinated the audience


Between green and blue

The Baden-Württemberg Film Academy has won the German Short Film Prize with the film “Xanh”. The story is about a refugee father who encounters a foreign culture in Germany